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Flaps for Summer

Hot Pink Flap

Bright summer sun can make your bag really pop! This hot pink flap vibrantly pairs with your black or brown ulloo bag.

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Ocean Blue Flap

What can be better than this bright ocean blue to carry summer on your shoulder! 

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Light Olive Green Flap

Light Olive Green flap has been black lovers' first choice. It is perfect color to add subtle accent to your black or brown ulloo bag.

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How It Works

How It Works

Our Story

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When you consistently receive compliments and praise for your purse, from friends and strangers alike, you know your purse game is strong! It's versatile, durable, high quality, one-of-a-kind, and cute while being classy.

Rebecca H

First impressions of the bag was very nice. You can tell from the leather texture and build quality, they didn't skimp on any details. The magnetic latch feels 'solid' and bolts in nicely, it's also easy to mix and match the flaps, but once it's 'locked' in, it fits on very well.

Catherine L

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