Story about our leather

At ulloo, we thrive for simple design, quality, and amazing craftsmanship that can last forever. For our handbags, leather is the most important material. Therefore to select appropriate leather we took our time in doing detailed research so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Young, our co-founder, has been a life-time bag lover, but she had no idea about selecting right leather – which country, which hide, what’s natural etc. So she decided to learn about leather as much as she could. The best way to learn beyond book knowledge is to ask the experts and talk to people who touch and feel leather every day. For the same, she visited almost every big leather shops in fashion district in New York City. 

For leather selection, we evaluated various points including:

  •     Responsibly sourced
  •     Naturally processed as much as possible
  •     Limited impact on environment while processing the leather
  •     Soft texture when touched
  •     Light-weighted leather
  •     Durable
  •     Available in vivid color variations

After about 1 year of touching and feeling countless leathers, she narrowed down her search to 5 leather brands only. Finally, she decided to go with a family owned company, established in 1958 in Arzignano in Italy. With generations of artisan heritage in processing the leather, they specialize in crafting beautiful color variations that really matches to ulloo’s design.   

We as a small business love a family run business with history and our own know-how as we have profound understanding and deep philosophy behind our leather processing and handling. We at ulloo want to carry those values from generations.

We strongly believe that ulloo handbag will make you and your closet happy if you are a big leather bag fan like us. We have gotten many compliments from our customers about the leather. Our customers are happily delighted by leather color, texture and light weight.

Ulloo wants to be your everyday go-to bag. It is not the bag that you only use once or twice a year for special occasions. With daily use and simple care, ulloo will be a part of your daily routine and history.

Stay tuned to learn more about how to show your love to your ulloo bag.


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