Closet dig-out project challenge

I am going to kick off long overdue project that pretty much every girl has been thinking of doing it for a long time. Closet dig-out. Yep, literally, I am going to dig out our closet. Super deep.

Have you questioned yourself why there is nothing to wear while standing in front of your full closet? I am talking about a “full” closet that has absolutely no space left to squeeze any additional pieces inside.

I have.

Multiple times.

I have multiple jeans that I haven’t tried for months; some for years. I don’t even know how old they are. They are just sitting in the closet – nicely folded.

I am not a trendsetter or a fashionable style follower. My taste, when I shop for clothes, is pretty basic and simple but classic. It is because of my style though. There have been times when I have tried to keep up with the trend and buy “must-have” seasonal items that all of my friends were buying but for some reason, those trendy clothes either don’t really fit me or don’t look as good as I hoped. So I always go with the style that looks good on me (of course) and I can wear for many years until it has holes. Truthfully speaking, this is my excuse to shop.

For next 10 weeks, starting this week, I will hunt down my aged treasures hidden in the closet. I am sure I will also discover something that I totally forgot about for years. This is going to be an exciting project because I am not sure what to expect, honestly.

Want to know what I will discover and how I will style those aged treasures for the season?

Stay tuned.

Every Saturday I will update you on its progress.

It is going to be fun! You need to tell me what you think.



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