Dark vs. Light Olive Green

Since our first product launch in December, 2017, we've gotten so many positive feedback and compliments on our color palette. That encourages us to introduce other beautiful colors. Thank you!

As an experiment, we are launching "Light Olive Green" as the original Olive Green is more like Hunter Green which is a bit darker version of Olive Green. So, check out the images below and tell us which one is your favorite. As always we love to hear from you all!

It is a different shade of Olive Green, Light vs. Dark


Left:  Light Olive Green with Brown ulloo bag body,  Right:  Dark Olive Green with Brown ulloo bag body


Left:  Light Olive Green with Black ulloo bag body,  Right:  Dark Olive Green with Black ulloo bag body


You can simply enter your answer below on the comment section. Make sure you leave the email address you use actively so that the surprise gift will know where to go to meet you!





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  • I would actually prefer an olive green shade between the two-darker than the light one & lighter than the dark one-would look classier than the light but show color more than the dark. Like it on both brown & black.
    Hoping for a case to fit the AirPod 2 that will be coming out. That is what I was looking for when I found u.
    Great quality work!

    Karen Jackson
  • Olive is my favorite fall color!! I would go with the darker one.

  • My favorite is the light green with the black bag

    Joyce S.
  • Love the light olive! The color is so vibrant and rich.

    Alice L
  • Light green. This looks pretty good with brown actually.

    Emily H.

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