Introducing team ulloo!

The word “start-up” has been quite a hot keyword for some time. The journey of start-up is not always as hot as it sounds. It brings new challenges from many different aspects of the business that team ulloo conquers and uses as opportunities.

Team ulloo, a first-time entrepreneur in fashion, started by forming the product and business idea, and had worked hard every step of the way in order to bring the concept of interchangeable handbags to life. Young and Hero, the wife and husband team (and the puppy, Dalbong) started the journey in 2017. 

Young is a long-time bag lover who studied science and marketing. She has over a decade of product and marketing management experience in the corporate world in the global market environment. Hero has long history of discipline from going through one of the world’s toughest processes in getting an admission at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) in Bombay and developing his career in finance and investment. The team’s diversity stems not only from the two co-founders’ backgrounds, but also from their unique cultures which have led them to be open-minded and constantly think outside the box.   

Watch the video below for full story.




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