ulloo has been successfully funded on the Kickstarter campaign.

11 months, a team of 2, 20+ manufacturing sites reviews in 3 countries, 60+ brand logo designs, dozens of prototypes, 2 agencies, 1 model, and many sleepless nights…  This had resulted in our first product launch — the Interchangeable Handbag. Our first Kickstarter campaign went live on December 1, 2017.

The reason why we chose Kickstarter campaign to launch our product was,

  • We believed the idea of interchangeable handbag would be a perfect fit on Kickstarter as it is unique, innovative, and changes the way the bag design has been.
  • We wanted to validate our idea of interchangeable handbag.
  • We wanted to start small.
  • We wanted to mitigate the inventory risk. 

Our product design is basic, simple, practical, and beautiful. We wanted to create something that is long lasting and fits to everyone. With this design philosophy in mind, we launched our first premium quality leather handbag line. All bags are made of premium Italian leather; it is very light and durable. You can make your own interchangeable bag for any occasion (formal or casual) by mixing and matching various bodies, flaps, and straps (total 240 combinations). All parts are meticulously designed to be completely interchangeable in just a few snaps. We have filed a patent for this mechanism.

We were excited but nervous when the project was launched. After first wave of backers were our dear friends and families. Words got spread, so we were able to achieve our funding goal of $21,000. Total of $21,592 were raised by 37 backers globally. We also had several generous backers who purchased multiple sets. We felt honored by all our backers who believe what we believe.

Our production batch is initiated. Estimated delivery time is by end of February.  This will be huge tail wind for the business in 2018.

Thank you very much for your support throughout this journey.



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