ulloo New York at NY NOW!

What an amazing opportunity we had to meet creative designers and passionate entrepreneurs in fashion industry!  Either they are already established well or working hard to grow further, the energy and amount of effort that everyone has put into what they believe in was mind blowing. We were totally amazed that we were able to meet and learn something new that we have never imagined.

NY NOW is one of the biggest gift shows in the U.S. that happens twice a year. The show is only opened to retailers, wholesalers, buyers, etc. where the individual business owners can introduce their products to others at scale. 

While preparing for the show and our very first time exhibition, we were excited but a bit scared as this would be the first time to be at testing stage to evaluate further whether we can scale the business.

But, all our worries were gone in day 1. We've received overwhelmingly positive responses on our design, functionality, leather quality, color selections, and more. As a creator, a passionate inventor, the first time entrepreneur, we were totally happy and became confident about what we can do more and further.

Of course, more work to be done. It is just the beginning. More to come.

Be the fan of ulloo New York as you have been.





More information about ulloo New York at NY NOW here.

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