[Week 1] Closet Dig-out Project

Guess what I found this week?  

A never-opened, totally brand new, white shirt. It was sitting nicely at the bottom of the shelf... buried under a big pile of stuff... so it was never visible. Ha! Common excuse, right?

I am actually happy about this finding because white shirts are timeless; you can never go wrong with a white shirt. They can match with any skirt or pants for office, and you can easily style it up for a nice weekend brunch or throw it on for your favorite activity. The shirt I found is slightly tailored yet still a bit roomy so it will go well with my skinny pants, or with a pair of leggings. It’s also Oxford material; my favorite that has a bit of structure. See? I knew I would find some great things out of this project.

When I dress up, I like to be seen with subtle style rather than being completely blended in with the crowd. That is where the magic of white color comes in. It is easy to dress up and down based on the choice of the bottom outfit or a bag or shoes and accessories.

I was quite surprised by all the possible style combinations. Mix and matching colors can make a big difference. Here is one such style: 



  • Shirt:  Tommy Hilfiger (bought maybe 6-7 years ago)
  • Jean:  Levis (2015)
  • Skirt:  J.Crew (grey, 2010; colorful print, 2017)
  • Shoes:  Ellen Tracy (neutral, 2011), J.Crew (hot pink, 2016), Zara (neutral with black toe, 2014), Steve Madden (black spangle, 2011; orange with studs, 2010), Gap (beige, 2018)  
  • Bags: ulloo New York
  • Accessories:  J.Crew (scarves, 2015; gold necklace, 2013), Earrings from Seoul (around 2006), H&M (bangles, 2011??)


What do you say? You see the difference, right? All we needed was a bit of color. That’s it!

To be honest, I sometimes shop just because something looks unique in the moment or the price seemed “unbeatable.” As a result, all the clothes I had hopes and dreams for from that moment get piled up in the closet and never touched again. So, here we are! The closet dig-out continues.

Tell me your thoughts on this latest dig-out.




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