[Week 10] Closet Dig-out

Our 10-week journey is coming to the end. What a ride it’s been!

This “Closet Dig-Out Challenge” sounded like a super fun idea, but after getting started, there were endless deep sighs and headaches because of how hard it was to figure out where to start and what to write about each week. However, I discovered a lot of hidden clothes in my closet and learned ways I could still use them. It also gave me different perspectives on what to shop for. As a wrap-up post for this “Closet Dig-out” project, I want to share all I have discovered.

  1. When you categorize your clothes, it is easy to find out what you have in the closet. The categories that I used are:
    • Shirts
      • Basic style - something like white, grey, etc.
      • Other colors or styles
    • Other tops
      • Basic style - simple white, black, grey, etc.
      • Others
    • Jeans
    • Pants & Skirts
    • Dresses
    • Jackets
    • Outers
    • Accessories including scarves, mufflers, jewelry, etc.
  1. A closet clean-up tip is to throw out items that had not been used more than 2 years, but also think about the ways it could be used and why it was not used. I actually found several nice pieces; it was a discovery, literally.
  2. Bring unused items to the front where you would spot them more often.
  3. Don’t be shy in using bold colors. If you have that in your closet, it means you’ve wanted to wear it. So... just to do it! Style is not always about the items you are wearing, but mix and match what you have. Using color will make huge difference.
  4. Buy less stuff. Before buying the item, think carefully.


Honestly I found multiple items that made me question why I bought it in the first place. Well, no wonder why I haven’t worn them for a long time. If I thought carefully then, I wouldn’t have even bought it. Yes, sometimes I make buying decision based on attractive prices and unique looks. So I need to be a careful and smart shopper.

It was a bittersweet moment to find out how much stuff I have accumulated in last 11 years or so. When I came to the States, I brought two big suitcases. Now I have things that certainly wouldn’t even fit in four suitcases. I may not even shop for next several years. I will really have to use what I have before adding new pieces.

So what will I do now that I’m done with this project? Simply, I will follow the mantra of living minimal that ulloo New York is striving for. Buy less, maximize usage of each item, mix and match items amongst what I have, and continue to play with colors.

How does this sound to you? If I can do it, you can do it too!  Please let me know if you want to start your own closet dig-out project. We will support you 100%!  

Thank you for following our postings in last 10 weeks. We will continue to share some interesting things with you!





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