[Week 2] Closet Dig-out Project

Let’s talk about jeans!!

There is a pile of jeans in the closet that I don’t even recall buying. Wait-- except for one pair! It was the first pair of jeans I owned in the U.S. I bought them 11 years ago when I first moved to Chicago from Seoul, Korea. As someone who was working in a corporate world, wearing business suits was an unspoken rule as ways of respecting others, especially in Korea. It was not appropriate to wear any sort of denim for office or business related events, so I was very thrilled to own and show off a pair of jeans. In my mind, I was thought ‘Hey, it is America (as per Korean term) where I can express myself and be just me!’ But as time passed, new styles and trends evolved, and as usual, my jeans ended up sitting somewhere in the closet.

Let’s start with the simple question – how many of these still fit me? Jeans are clothes that respond to weight changes instantly. Good news is that most of them fit. Bad news is one doesn’t …..my first pair of jeans in the U.S.

I am not sure if you have ever noticed (write me your experience in comments below) but one interesting observation is that older jeans have rigid structures and textures on the fabric, and are less elastic. Several newer pairs (around one-three years old) have been using stretchy fabric. I guess stretchy jeans are something relatively new that followed skinny jeans/pants fever of last few years so that women can sit and bend down comfortably without bursting the seams.

So, how many jeans do you think I found in my closet?  Three, four, or five? Ha, nope – nine! That’s right….nine pairs of jeans!! That is a lot, I guess. How did I end up with this many jeans? Well…Honestly, I don’t know. It just happens, you know…. But each has a different color, fabric, or style. So maybe that can explain a bit.

I think I should make a decision about which one to keep and which one to say good-bye to. There are all sort of jeans here in the closet…old style like low rise boot-cut, several straight fit, and skinny jeans in different colors for all seasons including winter. Which one you think is YES vs. NO? Can you help me in selecting – ha! This is how they look when I put them on.

  #1: Calvin Klein,  #2: 7 for All Mankind,  #3: Gap,  #4: Levi's, 
#5: H&M,  #6: Urban Outfitters,  #7: Levi's,  #8: Levi's


While going through jeans, I found some cute tops that I haven’t worn in a while….maybe around 4-5 years. Ha! Stay tuned. More to come next week. 

This dig-out project has become quite interesting to me. A few of my friends even plan to have their closets dug-out. Why not, right?

The closet dig-out continues…. Let me know your thoughts!



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  • I like the fit in number 3. Also like the color of number 7. Or, just keep all of them. Ha!


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