[Week 3] Closet Dig-out Project

How many tops (T-shirts, shirts, blouses, tunics, etc.) do you think I have?

Simple answer - countless. There was no way I was going to bother to count.  

During the early days in my career, I was required to dress in formal office attire. I purchased many shirts and blouses in different styles and colors so that I could easily mix and match the top with my office pants and skirts. To wear suits to the office felt like a dreamy concept until I decided it was easier to wear dresses… which leads us to all of tops that have just been sitting in my closet.

Let’s talk about one of my favorite top styles: Embroidery!

It not only adds character to my style, but also awakens my inner girly side. I’m personally not a big fan of lace, frills, or drapery styles when shopping for tops. My favorite is embroidery on simple and clean cut white top that emphasizes the embroidery design and color. Embroidery can add fun and colorful twists to any top.

While I was in business school I traveled to Mexico one summer to learn about social responsibilities of corporates. Aside all the business learning, I was also introduced to Mexican embroidery. It was beautiful with its colorful and unique patterns. I immediately fell in love. So, of course, I got one.

Since then, my love of embroidery continues. It is a nice little addition to almost anything; mufflers, summer dresses, tops, and even jackets. It can be a bold accent for the entire outfit. It can shine itself or with accessories, such as bags. See how it looks in different styles.

It can be a little color punch to formal office outfit.


Awesome with a pair of jean and adding different colors for different mood.


Or it can be nice business/office casual.


It is also interesting to see a little color matching from a different flap on the ulloo bag can make a huge difference in overall look and style! This is all we used this time.

ulloo black rectangular body with four different flaps (in different colors and shapes) plus, two shoulder straps (black, black studs)


What do you think? Are you a fan of embroidery? Share your love with us and other ulloo fans!

Oh, by the way-- while I dig out my closet, I continuously ask myself whether I should look for little new additions for fall and winter or just continue to dig out hidden gems. Thoughts?





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