[Week 4] Closet Dig-out

It is time to turn over the closet for the fall season! How do you usually approach this each season? Do you keep everything in the closet and just pick out different clothing items as the seasons change? Or keep off-season items elsewhere and turn your closet over when needed?

My way of minimalistic living (please don’t laugh) is keeping all my clothes into two categories; summer vs. spring, fall, and winter. Yes, as you can imagine, I wear similar clothing for the spring, fall, and winter. Why? Well, it is easy this way. Throwing on a light sweater will be enough for both spring and fall-- I also just wear thick outer layers in the winter. I am not very sensitive to the cold weather, so I only layer up when necessary. Maybe this is because I am winter-born.

I have limited closet space just like everyone else, so fixed closet space such as shelves and hanging bars are for all season items. Sweaters are always kept in a transparent plastic box so that it is easy to take them out when the cool weather starts and put them away when summer comes. I like to use a box with a “lid” as I don’t want my clothes (especially sweaters) to become dusty. Of course before anything goes back into the box, I make sure to wash them so they are ready to be worn the next season, right out of the box, literally!


Fun fact– I’ve discovered something about myself since I started this closet dig-out project: I actually own a lot of things in the same style but in different colors– just like how the ulloo bag works! It seems like I’ve been a life-long simple and basic style fan as well as a color player. Didn’t realize that I was really a color-person, but it turns out I am! How funny is that?

All in similar style; round neck button-up sweater.  Mostly from J.Crew except maroon color (Polo Ralph Lauren) and grey (Abercrombie & Fitch)


Last week, I read about a color-therapy related article. It talks about how different colors represent certain meaning from psychological perspectives. Rather than residing on one particular color, mixing different colors brings different feelings and emotions. So if you are afraid of mix-and-match colors in your style, you should definitely try it; It’s fun! Maybe this fall, you should try to tone up the colors for your style. (article link: https://graf1x.com/color-psychology-emotion-meaning-poster/)

If you already have an ulloo bag, it is time to check out several new colorful flaps!  Or check other possibilities by designing your own bag in 3 steps.

Oh, by the way, share with us what your favorite color is and how the meaning of your favorite color represents you!



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